Agriculture and "Agripreneurship" is a worthy, and market demanded, career path.

Posted by Dan Broderick on 8 February 2012 | 0 Comments

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One of GAIN’s missions is the promotion of the importance of careers in agriculture and “agripreneurship” and the need to educate those interested in these career paths. Clearly, with the un-deniable need to double the world’s food production by 2050 (or so) the world needs talent in the creation/invention of innovative ag technologies and the commercialization of the same. There is also the need for experts in traditional agricultural careers such as field inspectors, veterinarians (who I have a ton of respect for) and of course plant scientists such as those at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center ( a GAIN Founding Sponsor) and other prestigious plant science and ag organizations. An excerpt from Western Farm Press highlights such a need for talent and effort– and lack of SUPPLY!

“Separate statistical data from the United States Department of Labor and United States Department of Agriculture indicates an expected growth in most agriculture-related fields including inspectors, scientists and veterinarians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects over the next five years, there will be a 5 percent increase in the need for graduates in these disciplines, but a 10 percent decline in the number of students choosing these important programs as their career path. This means a shortfall of qualified workers in the areas where we need them most — plants, food, animals and climate change or environmental analysts. But, there are also growing opportunities in industries linked to the business of agriculture; from trucking to coffee and beer brewing, dietetic concerns to animal welfare and pet foods

The best business schools in America are not emphasizing the need for talent in agriculture let alone providing specialized courses in agribusiness and agripreneurship. The job market is not compensating talent, like those individuals employed by investment banks or consultancies. However, there are really no more necessary jobs in the world. I believe we need to change that.

Workers are also needed in careers in ag sales, marketing, administration and other ag jobs whose demand are increasing . Agday has a decent web site echoing this sentiment – and fact.

GAIN has a plan to create a fellowship for would be “agripreneurs” and is in search for financial support to make it a reality. The world needs this talent on all levels. We will pursue this with vigor and our precious resources.


We have new members! Welcome Syngenta and Growponics. We are also thankful to the Danforth Plant Science Center for the donation of in kind personnel who are experts in social media, follow us on twitter.

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